Do You Need A Framework?

I recently wrote a post where I discussed the reasons I believe it is okay to use frameworks in professional development environment. Most people seemed to agree with the sentiments I expressed there but a large chunk of them did not. Overall I still maintain that re-using code is a… »

What is the point?

I was in IRC today to ask some development questions when suddenly tons of people left all at the same time. This happened a few times throughout my session. I didn't know what it was about so I just ignored it until someone mentioned that Freenode was being DDoS'd again… »

Pardon The Dust

I am currently in the process of migrating over to a new blog engine. I’m finally moving away from my made-from-scratch application in favor of something far more awesome called Ghost. During this transition most of my older blog posts will not appear because they have yet… »

It's Okay to Use Frameworks

I recently sat in on a conversation that rubbed me the wrong way. Ultimately the group ended up going with the decision I agreed with but the conversation we had to get there should have been a whole lot shorter. The group was debating the finer points of using frameworks… »

Time to finally retire U413 once and for all.

Do you ever look at somebody in a choppy relationship and just shake your head at how many times they break up and get back together? Well that's my relationship with U413. Years ago when I was just starting out I created U413 as a fun little toy. It experienced… »

Let's get rid of the "smug factory".

It's time for a rant because I care about my craft and I hate the way it is often represented by a large chunk of developers on the web. Many developers, myself included, love open source software. Why is that? Why do we love pouring our hearts and souls into… »