How to persist URL hash fragments across a login redirect.

I just spent four hours figuring out the ins and outs of URL hash fragments. On my team we use AngularJS to build some pretty cool single page applications. In a couple of our single page apps we use Angular routes to load various views. By default Angular uses the… »

Isolate Scopes Explained

I've been using Angular for quite a while but isolate scope bindings is one thing that has continued to illude me. No longer. I finally had the lightbulb moment earlier this afternoon and thought I would put my thoughts into a comprehensive blog post. I've read a ton of articles… »

Tips for the Git Power User

After developing for so long working with Git has become second nature to me. I started out using a graphical Git client for Windows called Git Extensions. Git Extensions was great for starting out but as I learned and got used to the command line tool, I slowly stopped using… »

Cross Origin Resource Sharing

I've spent way more time reading about CORS than I probably should have, but pretty much everything I read only confused me further. CORS is actually a pretty simple concept once you understand it so I decided to put this post together to explain it in the simplest terms I… »

Interviews Are Two-Way Streets

Last year I finally had enough of the company I worked for and began to start looking around for new work. I'm proud to say that I ended up landing an awesome job with Adobe*. I knew I pretty much had the job but a recent acquisition of another company… »

AngularJS: "Controller as" or "$scope"?

I just finished reading a blog post by John Papa. He talks about the trend of using Controller as someName instead of injecting $scope into your controller. I wanted to expound on his point, but first let's demonstrate this technique for those of you who haven't heard of it yet… »